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Brought Plenty



It is a commonly held notion that wolves howl to stake claim to their territory and maintain proximity to their pack, but witnessing a lone wolf’s howl is easily interpreted as a sense of loneliness and longing. The tee-pee is symbolic of home and grounding. 


This piece holds particular meaning to the artist whose personal experience with wolves was heavily influenced by her Granny Annie’s wolfhound that was loyal, protective, and loving. The wolf is a very misunderstood creature. In many circles, the wolf is a merciless killer, hunting in packs, only eating the select parts of their prey. Another perspective is of a generous wolf who shares its bounty with other creatures (such as the raven which has a particularly symbiotic relationship with the wolf). The piece itself created with graphite is a physical manifestation of the contrasting nature of the wolf. A creature who is strong but tender; soft yet powerful.


8x10 Fine Art Paper Print

Option to purchase with matting (makes the piece 11x14) or without the matting (8x10)