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Native children, for more than a hundred years, were forcibly taken to attend government and church-run residential schools. Other families were forced or coerced into attendance through means of starvation, imprisonment, and even death. This was U.S. policy during the time. “Kill the Indian, save the man” or “Kill the Indian to save the child” ....might sound familiar to you.

I am a survivor of genocide and torture. At 7 years old, I was taken and placed in the United States residential Indian school system.

While in attendance, I was stripped, whipped, beaten, my hair was cut against my will. I was used, I was taken advantage of. Food was withheld. I was punished for speaking my language, I was punished for existing. I was tortured. When my mother was a child, she too was taken and placed into these schools. Our experiences were not unique or isolated. This is intergenerational. This is systemic trauma.

Within is a collection of my writings over the years. Writings of healing, of relationships built, of relationships lost. of despair, and of hope. Accompanying these writings are pieces of my art. They all played their part in my journey of healing, and in their own way bear witness to my story.


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Over 70 pages full of poetry, writings and artwork from the past 5 decades contained within.