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Brought Plenty



The primary theme of this piece is an homage to MMIW. Brought Plenty has a particularly personal relationship with MMIW as her mother, a young Native woman, was murdered within days of Brought Plenty’s 5th birthday.


Many animal brothers and sisters are represented in this piece, surrounding the woman to offer her strength. The feather is a meaningful image to the artist, representing freedom. The salmon much like a mother is a lifeline, and with its relation to water is a symbol of healing and life. The bear claw offers power and protection as a symbol of maternal strength and as one of the strongest of our four-legged brothers and sisters. The wolf is a misunderstood animal yet continues to survive despite trying to be wiped out by man. Brought Plenty worries that missing and murdered indigenous women may be simply seen as statistics for other groups and hopes to use her art to bring not only awareness but real change. In our mostly matriarchal communities, women are considered a vital link to the creator and should be cared for as such.


8x10 Fine Art Paper Print


Option to purchase with matting (makes the piece 11x14) or without the matting (8x10)