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Brought Plenty



This piece is a representation of Brought Plenty’s closest friendship. Her best friend is signified by the Hummingbird, a happy symbol of the Diné tribe, of which her friend is a member. The Hummingbird is a symbol of healing, wisdom, and endurance. The turtle has been a frequently featured element of Brought Plenty’s work representative of her clan, herself. The flower is representative of the sweet growing bond between friends. “There’s nothing sweeter than a good friend, right?” Elements also represent the Assiniboine tribe who historically share a common lineage with the Nakota with close ties to the Lakota, Dakota and the Cree in Canada, Montana, and the Dakotas.


This piece is a special representation of one of Brought Plenty's most enduring friendships in life.


8x10 Fine Art Paper Print

Option to purchase with matting (makes the piece 11x14) or without the matting (8x10)