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Coming Home 


Brought Plenty



A tribute to the children who endured and were lost to the Indian boarding school experience. The painting is a story of healing and a return to the children’s heritage. The image of the medicine wheel is a symbol of healing. A turtle represents the artist’s clan, an eagle for strength, a bear for protection. The sun, moon, and dog star are all beacons for finding one’s direction. The tee-pee represents a return to the Native children’s home and culture. A closer inspection 

reveals the children returning still have their long hair which would have been cut when they entered the Indian boarding school system. The red handprint has been symbolic of the taking of a life and is most recently recognized for the murdered and missing indigenous persons epidemic that continues to this day.


8x10 Fine Art Paper Print

Option to purchase with matting (makes the piece 11x14) or without the matting (8x10)