Our GPR Mission update

Our GPR Mission update

Feb 21st 2022

As some of you who follow us on Instagram & Facebook know, we've acquired ground penetrating radar with the help from all of you! We've been diligently learning more and more on how to most effectively utilize the technology. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Very soon, we can SHOW you how much it truly means for the healing of not only the Survivors in our communities, but the descendants of Survivors and our future generations, as well. 

What You Can Expect

I'm hoping to create a space to share with those interested, what we're finding on a weekly basis. Next week, we'll be sharing our spreadsheets of schools, tribal chair people we have contacted, and a Google Map we're creating. Here, you'll be able to find school locations and whether or not they're still in operation and if they've been checked with GPR technology.